FDCA CCCF Priority Area Report

The Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) was announced as part of the Jobs for Families Child Care Package (the Package), which is designed to make the child care system more affordable, more accessible and more flexible.

The CCCF Guidelines are now available on the Australian Government’s GrantConnect website which can be accessed here.

The application period is open and will close 2 November 2017.

Application packs, including guidelines, questions and answers, and the grant application form, are available on the Community Grants Hub website.

About the CCCF

The CCCF is part of the Australian Government’s Child Care Safety Net, which contributes to giving the most vulnerable children a strong start in life while supporting parents into work. The objective of the CCCF is to support eligible child care services to address barriers to child care participation, particularly targeting disadvantaged and vulnerable families and communities.

The expected outcomes of the CCCF are to:

  • improve early childhood development outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged children; and,
  • increase workforce participation by vulnerable and disadvantaged families.

Grants provided under the CCCF are intended to supplement fee income received from families, including Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy payments. Funding provided under this opportunity is available from July 2018.

The CCCF will provide funding under three categories, called program ‘elements’. Each element is intended to fund a specific type of activity. The elements are:

  • Sustainability Support: helping eligible child care services operating in areas of limited supply improve the viability and sustainability of their service.
  • Community Support: helping eligible child care services to work with other organisations and families to identify and address community level barriers to child care participation. The engagement must ultimately result in increased child care participation.
  • Capital Support: helping eligible child care services by contributing towards the cost of modifying, renovating, extending or building child care facilities (‘capital works’). These capital works must result in more child care places in areas where there is unmet demand.

To be eligible to apply under this grant opportunity you must be:

  1. An approved provider of an approved child care service; and
  2. An organisation which is either:

    a. Seeking funding for an approved child care service operating in a priority area; or

    b. Seeking funding for an approved child care service currently in receipt of funding under the department’s Community Support Program (CSP).

While both for-profit and not-for-profit services are eligible to apply, funding preference will be given to not-for-profit services.

For a family day care service to meet the criterion of operating in a priority area  your service must have more than 50 per cent of family day care educators registered with your service providing child care within a priority area.

To view CCCF Priority Area maps, click here.

As such, Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) is assisting services to assess their eligibility by providing the opportunity to access the FDCA Priority Area Report. The report will provide a summary of the percentage of educators that fall within SA2 priority areas. Geocoding analysis of educators’ addresses will be performed by FDCA through PSMA Australia. The analyses provided will allow FDCA to accurately determine the SA2 classification of the educators’ location, which in turn will allow FDCA to determine whether a majority of educators fall within the predetermined CCCF priority areas. The FDCA Priority Area Report may be used as evidentiary documentation for an approved provider of a family day care service applying for open competitive grants under the CCCF.

It is important to note that even if your service receives funding under the CSP and is eligible for the CCCF, it would still be beneficial to do a priority area assessment as this may strengthen your application.

The process will involve:

  1. The service provider requests a Priority Area Report and provides a data set (all educator addresses, de-identified) to FDCA;
  2. FDCA undertakes quality assurance check of data set;
  3. FDCA then undertake a geocoding analysis of educator addresses to determine SA2 locations;
  4. FDCA summarises and calculates the percentage of educators within the CCCF SA2 priority areas;
  5. Report is then provided to service provider to be used as evidentiary documentation within their CCCF grant submission if required.

FDCA members can access the Priority Area Report service free of charge. Non-members have the option to become a service member of FDCA for $159.90 or pay a reporting fee of $200.00.

The report and data associated with the generation of the report will adhere to FDCA’s Privacy Policy. This information would be stored in line with FDCA’s Privacy Policy until the outcome of the grant submission is provided. A stipulation attached to the data collection process will involve the provision of de-identified data and it will be recommended that any information that is provided from a service provider to FDCA is line with the individual service provider’s privacy policy.

When do applications for the CCCF open and close?

  • Applications for the CCCF open on 23 August 2017
  • Applications for the CCCF close on 2 November 2017

Application packs, including guidelines, questions and answers, and the grant application form, are available on the Community Grants Hub website.

How do I apply for an FDCA CCCF Priority Area Report?

FDCA members can apply for their free FDCA CCCF Priority Area Report by following these steps:

  1. Download a Priority Area Report data entry sheet by clicking here.
  2. Once you have downloaded the sheet, complete the sheet with the address details of each educator registered with your service (names are not required).
  3. When you have entered all of your educators data please save the file and email it to cccf@fdca.com.au.
  4. FDCA will then analyse the data and provide your service with a CCCF Priority Area Report within 5-7 business days.

For more information on the Community Child Care Fund, visit the GrantConnect website or contact the Department of Education and Training at cccf@education.gov.au.

If you questions about the FDCA CCCF Priority Area Report, please email cccf@fdca.com.au.