Member initiatives 2017-18

In 2017-18 Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) is looking forward to delivering a range of member initiatives to assist our members and the sector deliver quality outcomes for children.

Our initiatives for 2017-18 contain a range of exciting new initiatives as well as ongoing initiatives that are part of our commitment to supporting, representing and promoting our members.

New initiatives

National Online Advertising Campaign

Having developed two new promotional videos to position family day care as an early childhood education and care option of choice for families and career opportunity, FDCA is excited to announce that these videos will be used as the focus of an online national advertising campaign throughout 2017-18.

In a first for the sector, this national online campaign will use the reach of online and social networks to showcase the many unique benefits of family day care.

The promotional videos that will be used for the campaign will also be available to members as a free download from the FDCA website. This means that members will be able to use the videos across their own website social networking sites.

Child Safety Resource

This Child Safety Resource will involve the development and distribution of an interactive resource that will assist in facilitating increased levels of children’s safety in family day care services across Australia.

The resource will consist of a series of information sheets that provide accessible information relating to the key concepts of all aspects of children’s safety within early childhood education and care settings and promote critical reflection. The resource will:

  • Demonstrate strategies to implement high quality or best practice in working with young children focussed primarily on adherence to Quality Areas 2 and 3;
  • Outline key aspects of all relevant national, state and territory legislation relating to children’s safety within early childhood education and care;
  • Include a range of risk management planning tools;
  • Outline state and territory child protection/safety obligations (including reporting requirements); and,
  • Illustrate notification flowcharts (in relation to obligations under both the Education and Care Services National Law and relevant Family Assistance Law).

Wellbeing Campaign

Over recent years, FDCA has conducted a range of campaigns primarily designed to influence government policy affecting the family day care sector. In 2018, FDCA will be implementing a new initiative that will seek to provide a comprehensive campaign (including a suite of resources and support mechanisms) to promote direct strategies aimed at fostering better mental health and wellbeing outcomes for children, families, educators and service staff.

This campaign will be informed by FDCA members and external organisations with expertise in the areas of both mental health promotion and early childhood pedagogy.

Ongoing initiatives

2017-18 National Engagement Program

Following on from the success of the first round of the National Engagement Program in 2016-17, we are pleased to confirm that the National Engagement Program will continue throughout 2017-18 with new and updated content.

The National Engagement Program has become a vital conduit between FDCA and our members, while providing a great opportunity for members to engage with key sector stakeholders. The program also gives members access to professional development, at no cost, and presents a platform to network with fellow family day care professionals.

To view locations, dates and to register for round two National Engagement Program forums, please click here.

Excellence in Family Day Care Awards

The Excellence in Family Day Care Awards will continue to not only recognise excellence in the family day care sector but also highlight the wonderful contribution that family day care services and educator make to communities across the country.

The awards continue to play a key role in FDCA’s media strategy, and form a strong platform for ongoing positive publicity for the family day care sector.

FDCA Excellence Fund

Following on from its successful launch in 2016-17, the FDCA Excellence Fund will be available again to FDCA members in 2017-18.

It continues FDCA’s ongoing commitment to both reinvesting directly back into our members and the sector, and fostering excellent organisational and pedagogical practice.

The program will see members able to apply for grants across a variety of categories, with each category addressing a specific area of need within the sector.

Applications for the 2017-18 FDCA Excellence Fund will open to members soon.

National Family Day Care Week

In 2018 the sector will again come together to celebrate National Family Day Care Week to highlight important role family day care educators and services play in the development and wellbeing of children across Australia.

National Family Day Care Week is integral in raising the image and profile of family day care. The annual celebration generates nationwide media, highlighting the many unique benefits of family day care and positioning our sector as a high quality, flexible early childhood education and care option for Australian families.

In 2018 National Family Day Care Week will take place from May 7 – 13.