Create your FDCA account

The new FDCA website has not only been designed to provide our members with access to contemporary, high quality information and resources at the click of a button. It has also been designed to reflect the professional nature of the family day care sector.

The new website will house a range of resources and members-only content that you will be able to access for free as an FDCA member. To access your members-only content you will need to create your FDCA online account.

Create your FDCA online account (educators)

  1. Click on the “Create my FDCA online account” button below
  2. Enter your email address, this needs to be the email address you have registered with FDCA
  3. Enter a new password that you will use for your FDCA online account
  4. Re-enter your password
  5. Enter your FDCA insurance policy number (please note this is not your FDCA membership number that starts with CA)
  6. Enter your first and last name as shown on your FDCA insurance policy
  7. Enter the postcode listed on your FDCA insurance policy
  8. Click “continue”

Create my FDCA online account

Once these details are verified, a unique code will be sent to your email address which you will be required to enter and then create two security questions to secure your account. Once this is done you will be able to register your FDCA online account and you will be automatically logged into the new website.

If you have problems creating your account, please email

Create your FDCA online account (services)

  1. To create your service's online account click here
  2. Simply enter your service's registered email address in the relevent field and click "get a new password"
  3. You will then be sent an email which will provide instructions on creating your account password
  4. Once you have created your password, use your registered email address and password to log in

We hope you enjoy the new website and if you have any questions about the new website please contact